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Simply. Better.

Simplicity is better transportation. It reduces gridlock and enhances personal mobility. At its core, simplicity is safe, reliable, efficient, and clean, based on rock-solid fault-tolerant design.

It's ease of use and comfort for everyday travel. Simplicity is a flexible platform that supports multiple uses and needs minimal infrastructure. And it's what makes Skai available to everyone. Simplicity even makes it look cool.

Air Mobility for All.

Skai democratizes air transportation. It gives everyone the freedom to go from A to Anywhere – anytime, safely and comfortably. Its simple design not only makes it efficient to produce, it makes it easier to use for passengers and pilots alike.

Minimizing the complexity of operation, and reducing the need for costly regular maintenance. But just as importantly, it reduces the stress of flying for all of us. A lot of effort went into making it effortless.

Ready When You Are.

Skai is low impact. It requires minimal infrastructure. There’s no need to build a runway or helipad. You don't need airport-style hubs. Skai can operate from existing locations, such as rooftops, driveways and parking lots. A step forward for transportation is more than just viable. It’s ready for takeoff, from just about anywhere.

Pure Wonder.

Skai is the purest experience of flight. Its design eliminates anything that might get in the way of enjoying the true wonder of flying. The V-formation seating gives 180º views to every passenger.


The rotor booms are swept back to prevent sightline obstructions and to eliminate vibration and noise. All to make the most of the floor-to-moonroof windows that offer sweeping views of the world below. And 5G Wi-Fi for those too busy to look.

Essential Energy.

Simplicity is about finding the best tool for the job. Skai is hydrogen-powered. It's the ideal energy solution for air mobility. Even if everyone is doing something else.


Hydrogen fuel cells are better for flight, with more energy per pound. And with the cleanest environmental footprint, they're better for the planet. It doesn't get any simpler than that.


Learn more about the power of simplicity in action.


Learn more about our fault-tolerant safety approach.


Learn more about the cleanest end-to-end energy solution.


The world's first hydrogen-fuel cell powered air mobility vehicle.


The ideal fuel for air mobility: clean, capable hydrogen.


The comprehensive transportation solution designed to benefit all.
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