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About Us

Our Mission

We want to change the world by revolutionizing the transportation industry. Our vehicle will be the most convenient, cleanest, and safest way to move from A to B. To do this, we need to invent, develop, and integrate devices, processes, and methods in ways that no one in any industry has done before.

Our Vision

To transform the way the world moves.

About Us

Alaka’i Technologies is a pioneer in the air mobility sector based in Stow, MA, just outside of Boston. Our vision is to make air mobility an everyday option for millions of people while minimizing the environmental impact.

Alaka’i Technologies was officially founded in 2006, and began engineering design on its first vehicle in 2018. The company was founded by experienced aerospace leaders, who shared the conviction that it was time to revitalize general aviation. Today, Alaka’i Technologies believes that the opportunity to modernize aviation is as powerful as ever. Smaller aircraft will carve the path to decarbonizing aviation and enable a more mobile, more advanced, and more widespread form of flight.

The name Alaka’i is of Hawaiin origin and means to lead or to guide. Our company is founded on the belief that we will show the world the path to a revolution in movement and transport. Our name also takes its roots from the Alaka’i Wilderness Reserve, symbolizing our respect for the environment and our desire to preserve it.

The people at Alaka’i value innovation, collaboration, and integrity. We are explorers, open to new ideas and curious to learn, passionate about we do, and dedicated to our work. We want to make a big impact, and we understand that safety, reliability, and sustainability are the key pillars to our future success.

Our first aircraft, Skai, is a hydrogen fuel-cell powered air mobility system that is the realization of our ambitions, directly addressing today’s transportation challenges and its impact on people and the planet.

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