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Clean, Capable Hydrogen.

Why Hydrogen? Two key reasons. The first is low impact. Hydrogen fuel cells generate zero pollution during use. And have the lowest environmental footprint from start to finish. The second reason is power. Hydrogen’s energy-to-weight ratio is significantly higher than batteries or gasoline. That means longer flight times, better range, and more payload capability. Hydrogen’s advantages are no secret. Its use is rapidly increasing worldwide.

Positive Impact.

Hydrogen is the cleanest end-to-end energy solution available today. The fact is, zero emissions doesn’t mean zero impact. Consider the life-cycle assessment, from materials, to production, to end of life. Our hydrogen fuel is produced using renewable energy. At end of use, the precious metals in our fuel cells can be 95% recycled, and most of the other components can be reused. And of course, Skai's emissions are just pure water. Period.

Fueling the World.

Hydrogen is gaining momentum worldwide. It has a number of clear advantages – it’s abundant, clean, and sustainable. It’s an excellent energy carrier and is quickly becoming economically competitive. It’s safe, with 80 years of industrial use and increasing global use as a fuel. And it reduces dependence on fossil fuels and the raw materials required for battery production. Delivering both energy security and economic benefits. To ultimately benefit everyone, from advanced to developing nations.

The More the Better.

Skai was designed to be produced in large numbers. With higher utilization, the system's overall benefit increases as well. Skai’s point-to-any-point travel will replace car and short-haul aircraft trips. Reducing harmful emissions, traffic congestion and noise pollution. Lowering our dependence on oil and other ecologically harmful raw materials. And unlocking new economic opportunities. Add in the positive human effects, such as reduced stress, more time with family and friends, and less time wasted sitting in traffic, and the benefits keep adding up.

Power Up.

Hydrogen is the best energy source for air mobility. It's more than the fuel with the lowest environmental impact, it's the most capable. It's what gives Skai up to a 400-mile range, and up to 4 hours of flight time. It's why Skai can carry up to 1,000 lbs. or 4-5 people at a time. Stored in liquid form on the vehicle, the tank is refilled in less than 10 minutes to get on the go again.


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The world's first hydrogen-fuel cell powered air mobility vehicle.


The ideal fuel for air mobility: clean, capable hydrogen.


The comprehensive transportation solution designed to benefit all.
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