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Elevated Safety.

Skai’s safety is unparalleled. It's the result of simple, fault-tolerant engineering. Meaning that in the event of a failure, the vehicle can continue to operate safely. Weak points have been removed.

Every key component has backup. For example, there are 6 rotors, any one can fail and the vehicle can still land safely. All so that Skai can handle the most improbable failures without creating a hazardous situation. That's why peace of mind is a standard feature.

Proven, Advanced Technology.

Alaka'i uses state-of-the-art technology and seeks to optimize every component of the vehicle to deliver the best performance with utmost reliability. Fuel cells have proven their durability in automotive applications. Skai uses aviation-standard fly-by-wire flight controls and avionics. All of Skai's systems and critical components have been verified and tested to meet the highest level of durability and reliability requirements.

Safety You Can Feel.

Skai does more than keep people safe, it makes them feel safe. That's why Skai was designed for quiet, stable, vibration-free performance. Our working culture emphasizes the integration of multiple layers of redundancy into our design. And despite the highest levels of reliability, our airframe parachute often gets the most attention.

Safe from the Ground Up.

Our goal isn’t just the safest air mobility vehicle, but the safest air mobility system. We believe that a safe solution is a comprehensive one. For example, we use data links with military-grade encryption. And flight data monitoring that lets us analyze every Skai vehicle in real-time. Why such an abundance of caution? Because safety is always the sum of its parts. As few parts as possible of course.

Responsible Energy.

Hydrogen is a safe, powerful fuel. But every energy source – from batteries, to gasoline, to hydrogen – comes with a degree of risk. The key is reducing risk to the point that failure is exceptionally unlikely. To do that we've leveraged decades of expertise and 80 years of established hydrogen safety. To create a fault-tolerant fuel system that is as clean as it is safe.


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The world's first hydrogen-fuel cell powered air mobility vehicle.


The ideal fuel for air mobility: clean, capable hydrogen.


The comprehensive transportation solution designed to benefit all.
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