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Skai hydrogen powered eVTOL aircraft

Wide-Ranging Benefits

The Skai system was designed to benefit everyone, everywhere.

For individuals, Skai will mean a new level of freedom, and transportation with fewer pain points – no more long commutes on stressful, traffic-filled roads. It means additional quality time and higher productivity, not to mention an easy, delightful travel experience.

On a larger scale, Skai will help protect the environment and reduce pollution, decrease traffic congestion, offer additional EMS and disaster relief services, help increase energy independence, and unlock new opportunities in the evolving air mobility economy.

Multiple Applications

Skai delivers a flexible platform with multiple uses.

SkaiCab will offer seating for up to 5 passengers with a separate, spacious cargo hold. Air-taxi lifts will be scheduled via an intuitive app.


SkaiMed will offer EMS and medivac services, with the ability to land closer to patients in areas ambulances and helicopters can’t access, as well as operating in densely populated areas without disturbing the locals.

SkaiCraft will offer a luxurious, business-style cabin, which can be configured to your needs. Destined for the private aviation and business travel market, it will be the ultimate combination of technology, luxury, and convenience.

SkaiCargo will operate feeder routes for package and other deliveries, with a payload of up to 1000 lbs. Skai will open possibilities for direct-to-distribution center transport of goods. For time-critical deliveries, like lab specimens, it will bypass obstacles on the ground, providing higher quality service to people who depend on it.

Skai hydrogen powered eVTOL aircraft

Point-to-any-Point Travel

At scale, the affordability of air-taxi and air-pooling services will give everyone the freedom to go just about anywhere, whenever they want. It might be a better way to work, reducing a 2-hour commute to less than 30 minutes.

A quick, effortless airport drop-off, instead of the usual headache. Or maybe a last-minute beach trip – Skai can drop passengers off right at the hotel, luggage and all. Or, it might be inter-city business travel, e.g. from NYC to Washington, DC, with the on-demand ability to take that important meeting in person.

Skai hydrogen powered eVTOL aircraft

Easy, Intuitive Experience

Skai will enable new business models, like an on-demand air taxi service. The Skai passenger experience will be simple and convenient. A simple app, familiar to any ride-share user, will allow users to hail a Skai vehicle in their area, input their destination and style of travel.

They can choose the air-pooling feature, to ride with others at a reduced cost, or they can reserve the entire vehicle. The app will indicate a nearby location where the vehicle will meet them, before taking them to their destination smoothly and quietly.

Skai hydrogen powered eVTOL aircraft

Minimal Infrastructure

Skai’s light footprint and quiet, low-impact operation allows it to take off and land from virtually anywhere, like a parking lot, field, driveway or rooftop.

There is no need to build a dedicated hub for Skai. A low complexity liquid storage tank and fueling system can be installed at virtually any location. For on-demand needs, a mobile re-fueler will be able to service vehicles wherever needed. Ground support and maintenance will use existing locations. That means the Skai system can be rapidly implemented anywhere, saving years of infrastructure development.

Moving forward, as the number of vehicles in operation increases, permanent infrastructure facilities, like larger fueling stations and downtown vertiports, will be operated.

Vehicles can be refueled in less than 10 minutes, using smart pumps. With the nozzle locked in position, the fuel station communicates with the Skai vehicle and ensures a safe, efficient hydrogen transfer. Only when the system checks out will fueling begin.

Additional safety measures include leak sensors, venting components and full compliance with all local and national safety regulations.

Skai hydrogen powered eVTOL aircraft

Affordability & Scalability

Today, aircraft manufacturing is a slow, methodical and expensive process, necessitated by the complexity of traditional aircraft design.

Skai’s safe, simple, reliable design means that we can apply automotive-scale production techniques to make air mobility accessible to everyone. In volume production, air-pooling prices will be competitive with (or cheaper than) road-based taxi options.

Technical Details


The world's first hydrogen-fuel cell powered air mobility vehicle.


The ideal fuel for air mobility: clean, capable hydrogen.


The comprehensive transportation solution designed to benefit all.
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