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Alaka'i Technologies is proud to announce the launch of Skai: our first hydrogen eVTOL aircraft.

Skai is a radically simple air mobility system designed to go from A to Anywhere. It eliminates complexity for an unparalleled level of reliability and safety. It uses hydrogen fuel cells to provide an energy solution which is truly clean from end to end.

Skai is a powerful solution that is SIMPLE, SAFE, and CLEAN.

Electric motor and prop on Skai hydrogen powered hexacopter

Simplicity is the Solution.

We believe that simplicity is smart engineering. It's a rational process that leads to the best solutions. A good example is Skai's advanced, simple design. It can be produced efficiently and in large numbers, making Skai more affordable for everyone. Greater accessibility means benefits: reducing traffic and pollution and improving our quality of life. All through the power of simplicity.

Skai hydrogen powered hexacopter

Simplicity = Safety

Safety is not a belief system or a feature. It’s the result of purposeful design. Our methodical approach creates the safest possible outcomes. It provides redundancy by backing up critical components, and continuous monitoring using sensors to check that all systems are operating as expected. The result is a reliable, fundamentally safe system.

Clean from End-to-End.

Hydrogen is the cleanest overall energy solution. Offering the lowest environmental footprint of any fuel on the planet. The precious metals in Skai's hydrogen fuel cells can be 95% recovered, and a majority of the other components can also be reused or recycled. It’s part of an ecologically positive life cycle that gets closer to zero impact with every generation. And its only emission is pure water.

Skai manned hexacopter


Learn more about the power of simplicity in action.

Skai vtol electric motors


Learn more about our fault-tolerant safety approach.

Skai evtol manned aircraft


Learn more about the cleanest end-to-end energy solution.

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